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Top 10 Magic Kingdom Snacks

One of the most exciting aspects of any Disney trip is the food. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying this, but sometimes I'm just as excited to enjoy some delicious treats as I am to meet the characters and go on the rides! I've spend a lot of time narrowing down my top ten Magic Kingdom snacks and with so much on offer, believe me, it was hard. Somehow I managed it, but these are just my own opinions and are in no way definitive. You might be surprised at the lack of turkey legs and Dole whips on my lists but it's purely because I haven't actually tried either of those! (please don't strip me of my disneyholic title!!!) Without further adieu, I present to you my top ten snacks of the Magic Kingdom.

10. Starbuck's Frappe - Main Street Bakery

Okay, I know what you're thinking. How can something from an international chain shop make the top ten Magic Kingdom snack list? I get it. I was dubious about Disney adding a Starbucks to the park as well, but it works. Walt Disney World is EXHAUSTING. We all need a little caffeine boost throughout the day to help us survive and who could say no to these adorable Disney Starbucks cups? *insert all the heart eye emojis*. Seriously. These are too cute! There's no better Disney down time than sitting in front of the castle with a favourite frappe that you already know and love. See evidence below.

9. Popcorn - Popcorn Carts

Popcorn is arguably the most convenient park snack: it's portable, mess-free and comes in it's own container. I love popcorn as much as the next person, and Disney's popcorn is salty and delicious. The only reason it isn't higher on my list is that it only comes salted. Now I don't know if this is strictly a Disney thing or an American thing in general, but in most cinemas/other places that serve popcorn in the UK you get a choice of sweet or salted and although I enjoy the occasional salty kernel, in my heart of hearts I'm a sweet gal.

8. Rice Krispie Treat - Big Top Treats

Rice Krispie Treats are not something that are commonly eaten in the UK, with the exception of the Rice Krispie cereal bar things but those are weird and not nearly as nice. And most importantly - they're not Mickey Mouse shaped! I feel like it should be a rule of thumb for all Disney food to be Mickey shaped, it just adds another element of enjoyment to the snack. These are chewy, crispy and sugary sweet and can be customized with chocolate, sprinkles and goodness knows what else. They come cellophane wrapped or on a stick and are just as delicious either way. I like to enjoy mine with a hot chocolate on those super rare chilly moments that occur in Florida's crazy climate. They also make gigantic versions of these treats, so if someone could send me one for my birthday, that'd be great.

7. Frozen Raspberry Lemonade - Sunshine Tree Terrace
I was torn between this and the solid frozen lemonade that comes in cartons, but this just pipped it for me as the solid version can be pretty messy to eat! It's a sweet and fruity blend of raspberries and frozen lemonade that makes for the most refreshing drink/snack to enjoy in the scorching Florida sunshine. Bonus points if you enjoy it while sitting under a water misting fountain. It will really cool you down.

6. LeFou's Brew - Gaston's Tavern

This frosty concoction describes itself as frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, topped with fruit foam. It just tastes like a sweet apple slush drink but it is delicious nonetheless. The winning factor for this drink however, is the novelty cup! This drink is available in a regular cup but really, what is the point? Look at those bad boys! You get the choice of Gaston's manly stein (my cup of choice) or a pretty Belle goblet that my sister Justine opted for.

5. Hot Fudge Sundae - Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies

Oh baby. I rarely go a day without thinking of this sundae. Smooth chocolate ice cream topped with the fluffiest whipped cream and served with lashings of hot fudge sauce - it's my ideal snack/dessert. I think Carly and I must have had at least four of these on our last trip. Our favourite thing to do was to lap up the hot fudgey goodness while sitting at a bench in Tomorrowland watching the Incredibles Super Dance Party. Hot fudge + catchy dance tunes = a darn good time. Also worth mentioning - I asked for extra hot fudge one night to stop a cat-fight breaking out over who was getting the bigger serving and the cast member poured me a huge cup of hot fudge sauce no questions asked.

4. Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar - Ice Cream Carts

Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar is an absolute classic. Creamy ice cream covered in crisp chocolate served on a handy stick. This snack might not be the fanciest or the most indulgent but it's perfect for an on-the-go sugar rush style pick up. Be warned however, in the hottest of weather you must eat as quickly as possible or you will end up with melted chocolate and ice cream all over your face and hands frantically searching for the nearest bathroom. That wouldn't be too embarrassing right? Asking for a friend.

3. Churros - Churro Carts
No Disney Park snack list would be complete without Churros in my opinion. Freshly made throughout the day, these sugary bites of dough are delicious and perfect for sharing, unless you're selfish and greedy like someone I know (okay, it's me). The churros are accompanied with a yummy chocolate sauce which is perfect for dipping. And if you run out of churros to dip you can always scoop out the rest of the sauce with your fingers, I won't judge!

2. Hot Dog - Casey's Corner

Hot dogs are one of my favourite foods and are a staple of my Disney vacation diet. I struggle to think of the Magic Kingdom without thinking of Casey's Corner, the all-American counter service hot dog joint located right at the end of Main Street. It's the perfect place to grab a snack and soak in all the sights and sounds around you while planning your next moves. A Casey's Corner hot dog is as good as a hot dog can be, but it's really the atmosphere and nostalgia that surrounds you when you get one that really does it for me.

1. Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Sandwich - Ice Cream Carts
Here we are at the top of the list, and my number one Magic Kingdom snack goes to Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Sandwich. Creamy cookie-speckled ice cream sandwiched between two soft chocolate biscuits, not only shaped like Mickey, but emblazoned with all the details of his happy face. Decidedly easier to eat than the ice cream bar, and with added tastiness, you really can't go wrong with this guy. I'm completely aware that this is available not just in the Magic Kingdom but throughout the Disney parks and resorts, but to me this snack completely sums up the feeling of the Magic Kingdom: Happy, Playful and Carefree.

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