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Florida November 2015 Recap - Last Day at Magic Kingdom

I'll be doing a recap for each and every glorious day of our last Disney vacation (14 days worth so in the words of Scar, be prepared)...

As this was our last day of fun, we got up and out at a reasonable time and headed for the Magic Kingdom intending on soaking up every last magical ounce of pixie dust. We dressed in one last matchy matchy outfit made up of mickey mouse denim dungaree dresses! (thank you Primark!) Carly wore this really cool Tsum Tsum t-shirt that she got about a bazillion compliments on all day, I actually had the same one but I opted for the top below instead as it was a bit more breathable and I'm a sucker for stripes!

When we arrived at WDW we discovered that the monorail was out of order which meant we had to get to the Magic Kingdom by boat! I'd used the boat before but it was still a cool experience seeing the castle come into view from a slightly different angle and the mellowness of the journey set the tone for the rest of the day. Instead of rushing around trying to fit in as much as possible and exhausting ourselves, we ended up taking it easy and absorbing all the magic around us.

We took a bittersweet stroll down Main Street and grabbed ourselves some Casey's Corner hot dogs one last time. We were probably more than sick of hot dogs by this point (who am I kidding? I love those bad boys) but had to get one for the sake of tradition! 

As it's now 8 months since the trip (where did the time go?? Also yes I suck at this.) I can't quite remember every little thing we did or the order in which we did it, but I will try my best! I definitely remember that we spent a lot of time in shops that day, particularly the emporium on Main Street lusting over everything and picking up some last minute essentials.

We went to Mickey's PhilharMagic which I absolutely love, as does Carly. You don't really hear much about it but honestly it's one of my MK must-do's and it seems to be really underrated. If you've never experienced it, it's a 4D show/concert that features Donald Duck bashing his way through some of Disney's biggest musical numbers. It contains many favourite characters and songs as well as some wacky surprises! It's basically magical and if you've never seen it you're missing out!

As we hadn't done it on this trip, we took a wee spin on the carousel. As simple as the carousel is and besides the fact that you can find a one pretty much anywhere else in the world, there is nothing more joyful than bobbing along with Disney songs with Cinderella's castle right behind you. Plus it makes for great photos!

Next up we grabbed a snack (one mickey ice cream bar please and thank you) and watched the Festival of Fantasy parade. We'd seen little snippets of the parade throughout our trip but this was the first time we actually stood and watched it in its entirety and it was incredible. The costumes and props are just amazing. Words won't do it justice so here comes a thousand parade photos.

 That giant bagpipe tho

Actual fire no big deal

Another first for us that day was meeting the big man (or should I say tiny man?) himself - the one and only M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! And the weird/cool thing about this character meet is that through the power of Disney magic, Mickey was actually able to speak to us! Albeit in weird stunted phrases but still pretty cool. We told him we were leaving the next day and he responded with "Wow that sounds relaxing". Relaxing? MORE LIKE DEVASTATING MICKEY BUT OKAY.

I'm sure we squeezed in a couple of rides that day as well but unfortunately we didn't get on as many as usual as we messed up our fastpasses and were left with the ones at the bottom of the barrel. This was slightly annoying but in a way it gave us a chance to try new things and soak everything else up. After we said our final goodbyes to Mickey and the gang, as well as the park itself, we hopped a bus over to Disney Springs where we had a dinner reservation booked. We arrived pretty early however, which gave us ample time to browse the amazing amazing World of Disney shop. I picked up a couple of souvenirs in here but sadly I was running low on spending money by this point. If I won the lottery I would obviously head straight to WDW but I would also just clear out this entire shop. It's huge and has every Disney themed product you could ever imagine and so much more. 

photo credit:

On our way to dinner, we noticed that the sky was atmospheric and dark, reflecting our overall mood as we prepared ourselves for leaving the most magical place on earth. It made for some pretty photos though!

little Peter Pan over here

Our dinner reservation was for T-REX which is a Dinosaur theme restaurant very similar to the Rainforest Cafe (in fact I'm pretty sure they're owned by the same people). It was cool and the food was pretty good but it was crazy busy and crazy loud! One thing's for sure though, Americans really don't mess around when it comes to themed decor. Not only is it covered in all sorts of Jurassic creatures, there's also a 'meteor shower' every 30 minutes or so which was fun but again very loud!

After dinner we sadly had to head back to the hotel to finish packing our suitcases and get everything organised for going home the next day. *insert sad face here*. We would have obviously loved to have gone back to the Magic Kingdom to see Wishes one last time but unfortunately there was another Christmas Party on that night which meant that the park closed early to regular guests. We contemplated going to Hollywood Studios to see their night time show which we still hadn't seen but in the end we were tired and sad and had too much packing to do! 

All in all we had the best and most magical two weeks ever! I look forward to coming back and reading these recaps in the years to come so that I can relive some of the memories again and again. I feel like we crammed A LOT into those two weeks but there is still so much that I haven't seen or done yet! It always makes me think of the Lion King's Circle of Life lyrics "There's more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done", but for me it just means there is always an excuse to go back! Until next time Walt Disney World, until next time.

                  ¡Por favour manténgase alejado de las puertas!

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