Thursday, 23 June 2016

Florida November 2015 Recap - Day 12 at EPCOT

I'll be doing a recap for each and every glorious day of our last Disney vacation (14 days worth so in the words of Scar, be prepared)...

As we neared the end of our fabulous holiday we were starting to get more than a little tuckered out, so we decided that Saturday would be the perfect day for just chilling out. We spent all morning (and some of the afternoon!) lounging in our hotel room watching TV and eating our way through the mountain of American sweets we'd been buying, preserving our energy for going out in the evening. 

We eventually headed out for a late lunch at BJ's (after my sister had been harassing me all day to go there and get the boneless chicken wings - which they had stopped serving!) before making our way to EPCOT. Since my luck was out on the chicken wings, I settled instead on a chicken club sandwich and we ordered a bottle of wine to share. Back home this would be a very normal thing to do but we deffos received some judgey side eye from the waiter when we ordered! Another note about the waiter - he was one of those nice but annoying types that didn't write the order down, so OF COURSE my avocado free sandwich arrived with extra avocado. Why. Do. People. Do. That.

Once we were suitably full and just the right amount of tipsy, we headed to EPCOT. We'd already been to EPCOT the week before where we focused mostly on the attractions and some of the Food and Wine festival, but that night we were there to explore the World Showcase! Although we did have a quick ride on Soaring as we'd missed it the week before, it was a first time for both of us and it was great. I really really enjoyed it and can't wait to try out the new version on my next trip!

As we were focusing on the World Pavilion we had dressed in matching tartan skirts to represent our Scottish heritage. We also paired the skirt with the cutest Minnie Mouse seam tights which we received so many compliments on. We grabbed some drinks and got dessert from the Ireland kiosk in the form of a warm melt in the middle chocolate cake. It was delicious but teeny tiny! 

After this, we took a tour of the world and spent a lot of time in the Japan pavilion. The Japan pavilion has a huge shop that we spent ages in, it has so much cool stuff in it from crazy food to beautiful kimonos to bizarre beauty products. Right next to the shop there's a really cool Anime exhibit showcasing the history of Anime in Japan which was really interesting. It also has a display of some really weird Anime merchandise including My Neighbour Totoro toilet seat covers! Right outside of this there's a pretty water fountain and Japanese Warrior statues that we obviously had to pose beside.

After stopping for more beverages, we headed into my favourite pavilion in the World Showcase - Mexico! Stepping into the huge temple you are transported to an authentic Mexican market under the starry night sky. There's a restaurant at the back that I've yet to try but it looks like it has the loveliest atmosphere. While in the Mexico pavilion, we ended up chatting to a group of guys on a bachelor party - either the world's cutest or the world's lamest bachelor party deciding on what way you look at it! There seemed to be a lot of groups doing the "round the world" challenge of drinking in each pavilion which is deffos on my to do list for my next trip!

We ended our night with some final drinks while watching Illuminations again - this time with a much better view. I think originally we had thought about heading to a bar or a club after EPCOT closed but once again we were ready for bed by that time! I love Walt Disney World but it really is exhausting!

¡Por favour manténgase alejado de las puertas!