Monday, 21 December 2015

Florida November 2015 Recap - Day 6 EPCOT

I'll be doing a recap for each and every glorious day of our last Disney vacation (14 days worth so in the words of Scar, be prepared)...

Finally heading back to Disney after two days off, we donned yet another set of matching tops and set out for EPCOT. After encountering a really weird dysfunctional family that dropped F-bombs like T-Swift drops banging tunes, we arrived and posed for some classic EPCOT photos.

We had some fast passes booked that we decided to head for before hitting up the long awaited EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival. First up was Test Track - a car themed ride sponsored by Chevrolet during which you are able to design a car then take it out for a spin on the test track. Obviously the car we designed was super stylish and practical...

Despite the fact that it was bright pink and covered in flowers, our car actually fared pretty well during most of the there you go. We were then meant to go on Mission Space but after waiting in the queue for the thrill ride, Carly chickened out and we left right as the doors were about to open! I can't really blame her though as the warning videos are pretty extreme and the ride itself is quite claustrophobic. The lack of being hurled around meant that our appetites were still intact - which was perfect for Food and Wine Fest! As well as the usual shops, restaurants, bars and stalls that the 11 countries in EPCOT's World Showcase have to offer, during Food and Wine Fest, there are tons and tons of pop up stalls from various other countries throughout the world. The smells are just incredible and it was so hard choosing which stall to go to first. We actually passed the Scotland booth straight away but decided to venture further afield than home grown food (plus the menu was far too fishy. I don't mean that it was suspicious..I mean that it was literally full of fish), but we couldn't resist a photo op!

Anyway, back to the food. I got a pulled pork and pineapple slider from Hawaii which was so juicy and delicious, followed by some butter chicken and naan from Africa (definitely one of the best dishes we had at EPCOT), and a weird chicken lasagna type thing from Mexico - I can't remember what it was called or what else was in it but as with everything else, it was good. 

During a brief moment that we weren't stuffing our faces, we stumbled upon a Canadian log rolling show, and just had to get our photos taken with the lumbersexuals, sorry, lumberjacks involved.

Satisfied that we'd eaten enough food and seen enough lumberjack logs, we made our way over to the aquarium that is secretly hidden in EPCOT. (Seriously, how did I not know there was a giant aquarium there?!). We saw dolphins, turtles, manatees, fish, fish, and more fish, before heading into Turtle Talk with Crush. 

After sitting down and realising that we were the only adults that were not accompanied with children, we were slightly skeptical about the show but were glad to have a seat in a nice air conditioned room anyway. Little did we know that it would be one of the funniest shows in Disney World. Honestly, it was friggin' hilarious. A CGI Crush from Finding Nemo appears on the screen and powered with Disney Magic, is somehow able to communicate with people in the audience, like having legit conversations and everything (sort of similar to the Monsters University show in Magic Kingdom). I don't know how they do it but it was very cool. Crush taught us some interesting facts about turtles and the sea and very openly made fun of the dumber kids in front of their parents. Hilarious. 

Having gone a whole 45 minutes without eating anything we were starving to the point of near extinction and more than ready for a sweet treat. We went straight to Italy in the World Showcase to get the snack I'd been salivating over for the last 16 months. The chocolate ice cream cookie sandwich. The cookies are fresh baked and just warm enough to slightly melt the rich chocolate ice cream. Ughh drooling just thinking about it now.

We knew we wanted to be in EPCOT for the fireworks later that night but had a spare few hours to kill - so what else would we do but hop back on the beloved monorail to Magic Kingdom for a couple of hours? I'm sure glad we did anyway because we experienced some ultimate Disney Magic upon entering MK. A kind stranger approached us as we were entering the park and handed us the Disney version of a golden ticket - a paper fast pass ticket - explaining that he and his family were leaving that night and didn't have time to use it. Now what's so special about this paper fast pass you might be wondering? Doesn't Disney provide you with free fast passes anyway? Yes, that's true, but the regular free fast passes can be booked up to two months in advance meaning that the fast pass slots for bigger or newer rides tend to fill up straight away. This is always the case for one ride in particular that we hadn't managed to get on yet due to hour long queues and a lack of patience. The Seven Dwarves Mine Train. At first we were dubious that the paper fast pass would allow us to skip the queue for such an illustrious ride - it all seemed too easy. But lo and behold it did. We actually skimmed the T&C's on the ticket and noticed that it was for up to 5 guests. It seemed like such a waste of an opportunity for just the two of us to use it, so we invited a family of three that were just about to join the 70 minute queue and they were totally grateful - nothing like passing on that Disney Magic! The ride was really really enjoyable, the animatronics inside were so realistic and enchanting, and the ride itself was probably as exhilarating as Big Thunder Mountain, but a lot more smooth. The best part however, is that the ride not only takes your photo, but captures some of the ride on video as well which can be viewed on the app!

We also used this time to go back on some of our favourites that had been neglected over the past few days. One of these was Splash Mountain which for some reason was so empty that we were able to get a log flume to ourselves!

All hopped up on Disney Magic, we zipped back over to EPCOT for a couple of cocktails from China, some raspberry wine from Poland, followed by some Italian Prosecco that we sipped on while enjoying the Reflections of Earth fireworks show. So lovely. So chill.

¡Por favour manténgase alejado de las puertas!

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