Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Florida November 2015 Recap - Day 1 at Magic Kingdom

I'll be doing a recap for each and every glorious day of our last Disney vacation (14 days worth so in the words of Scar, be prepared)...

Despite the fact that we didn't have any of our luggage (and no clean pants!) we woke up on our first official day of our holiday beyond excited to get going. Dressed in our delightful Walgreen's apparel, we started off with the healthiest of breakfasts to set us up for the day ahead.

After successfully avoiding the lure of a "creepy foreign taxi" we not only managed to navigate the Orlando bus system all the way to Disney World, but managed to blag our journey for free on account of our sweet excited faces - pats on the head for Carly and I please. The bus journey took around an hour in total but I'd like to mention that due to the sheer scale of Disney World at least 65% of the journey took place within its grounds. We didn't mind at all though as we were gladly taking in all the magical sights and signs around us, just look at our enchanted little faces (we hadn't even reached the Magic Kingdom yet!)

Soon we were within sight of Cinderella's castle and our trip finally began to feel real. Slowly walking down main street we took in the sights, sounds and smells and wondered where to start. Well, in true Jordan and Carly style our first thought was food and to Casey's Corner for hot dogs we went! Not only was our hunger satisfied, but it was a great spot to just take in all of the magic unfolding in front of us and let everything sink in.

After devouring what would be the first of many hot dogs of our holiday, we noticed none other than Mary Poppins popping on to the courtyard and after spotting how short the queue was, we decided to go and say hello. This was particularly exciting as just a few days before I had dressed up as Mary Poppins for Halloween!

(I showed her my costume and she told me to tell my Chimney Sweep hello - my Chimney sweep was of course delighted)

Next it was full steam ahead as we done nothing but rides rides rides - Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tiki Tiki Tiki Room, Space Mountain, Buzz Lighyear's Space Ranger Spin, Monster's Inc Laugh Floor, the Tea Cups, It's a Small World. I won't bore you with the details of each one but the three mountains quickly became our favourites that we would ride about 1000 more times over the following two weeks. Sometime in between those rides we did take a break to grab a frozen raspberry lemonade, and squeezed in some photos in front of the castle. 

Also during this time we had what I can only describe as an extremely traumatising, nerve shattering near death experience. While innocently taking in a parade (Vamos! Vamos!), the cheery music was interrupted by a blood curdling shriek and everything around us blurred except for the sight of an elderly lady hurtling towards us on an out of control mobility scooter. Her even more out of control husband was quick on the scene 'yelling' at everyone to MOVE OUT THE WAY NOW in his deep American voice. The situation somehow resolved itself, I can't quite remember how (not because I was doubled over about to wet my pants laughing at the calamity of it all). Honestly we were lucky to be out of there alive..and with all 10 toes..I was wearing flip flops for God's sake! Anyway...

Once we had explored for a while and hit a few more attractions our stomachs were rumbling once more so we headed for a quick and easy bite at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café in Tomorrowland. We enjoyed cheeseburgers,fries and chocolate cake - complete with a mesmerising view of the castle!

By the time we were finished and had grabbed a coffee to perk us up it was getting dark and the park had quietened down quite a bit. This made for the perfect time to check out the Haunted Mansion and sneak back on Splash and Big Thunder Mountain for a few more goes. Once we had satisfied the thrill seekers inside it was time for our favourite thing of all - the evening castle show and fireworks! 

For those of you that have yet to experience the wonder of the Celebrate the Magic castle projection show and Wishes fireworks, I'm not convinced that my words will be able to do them justice. There are several youtube videos of each, and as enjoyable as they are, nothing quite lives up to watching them happen right in front of your star sparkled eyes. Let's just say there were tears. Lots of tears.
That pretty much sums up our overwhelming first day at Disney, be sure to come back for Day 2 - Hollywood Studios!

¡Por favour mantĂ©ngase alejado de las puertas!

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